Guild Description

The guilds are game-specific organizations. They are run and organized to offer Tabletop Arena customers a way to get as involved with the games they want to play. From top-tier tournament play to just painting miniature figures.

E-Sports Guild

The world of E-Sports is difficult for the average person to break into, the E-Sports Guild will offer equipment and services to train, coach, and organize league and tournament play. Teams and players will be able to meet, connect, and play. And, with the help of the guild, gain sponsors and compete in tournaments and events that would have otherwise been inaccessible.

War Games Guild

The entry price point and time investment to be able to play most war games let alone compete are daunting. But the War Games Guild at Tabletop Arena will have painted armies ready to practice with or rented for In-House tournaments, thanks to the creation station. Tabletop Arena will open up Wargaming to everyone, giving them time to access resources in order to build their own armies, compete and further their loftiest hobby dreams.

Card Games Guild

Trading Card Games are fairly easy to get into but breaking into the competitive circuit, or diving deeper into deck building can pose a problem. The Card Games Guild will have top-tier tournament decks to try out and learn on, coaching to create your own and practice, and holding in-house tournaments regularly.

Want to try your hand at a mind-boggling Puzzle or have a game night with friends and family? The Board Games Guild will have all of the board games you want to play, and if we don’t let us know and we will have it within the week. New release events, puzzle offs, and so much more. Play the games free at Tabletop Arena.

Pen & Paper Guild

Adventure! Cyberpunk to fantasy, we have it all in the Pen & Paper Guild. Regular groups, Live Stream play, and professional dungeon masters are at your fingertips.
The Pen & Paper Guild will offer regular classes on world and universe building, private games, and DnD as a service for business team building and events!

The Art Guild is where dreams come to life and all the games take on a new fun dimension. Terrain, posters, custom tiles and so much more are made in-house and game-specific. Classes and art gallery shows will bring a whole new aspect to games offering anyone the opportunity to learn and expand the artistic side of their games.