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Why Come To Tabletop Arena?

January 12, 2022


Why Come To Tabletop Arena? 

Don’t you hate it whenever people control where you play? Meeting at someone’s house can be a hassle for your timetable, stores have limited space, and even playing by yourself there’s that ever-present urge to pick up your toys and be a grownup. However, what if there was a place that didn’t just allow you to play and create, but actively encouraged it? 


That’s what Tabletop Arena is all about. Coming to Wheatland California in 2022, this place isn’t just a gaming store or a place to play, it’s an arena where all forms of creation are encouraged and actively celebrated. Inside the fun-packed walls, you’ll find several places to play and explore your talent: 


  • The E-Sports Guild: Don’t just watch your favorite local teams battle it out in paid-for matches, but jump in yourself for casual games with your friends! Whether you want to play Smash Bros or get your gun out in a PVP shooter, this is the Guild for both casual and hardcore players. 


  • The Board Games Guild: Whether you want to say ‘Sorry’, pass Go in monopoly, or sink someone’s Battleship, the Board Games Guild is where you can break out the rulebook and have a grand time with 2-4 players!  


  • The War Games Guild: If those peaceful games aren’t up your alley, the War Games Guild has you covered with the carnage of the real tabletop arena! The table will be bloody as you send Space Marines, Skaven, and Spaceships against other players for tabletop glory!  


  • The Card Games Guild: It’s time to duel! Whether you find yourself playing Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, or any other collectible card game, you will be able to draw your cards and play the game without any trouble.  


  • The Pen and Paper Guild: If playing tabletop RPGs is more your style, then you can put pen to paper in a guild where anything is possible. Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Starfinder, Star Wars, and more are all prominent in this guild where your imagination is the only limit! 


  • The Art Guild: You might be the person who wants to create wonderful pieces of art, custom miniatures, or beautiful maps. If you’ve got an artistic side that needs to come out, this is the best place for you to unleash your inner talent. 


Of course, there’s far more that we will be covering in these blogs. From the Magic Cafe, to the Podcasting booths, to the live streaming options no matter where you are, Tabletop Arena isn’t just a place to play, it’s a place where you can truly immerse yourself in an environment that encourages you to play and create to your heart’s content! 


And remember, no matter what: win or lose, it’s a good day to play! 


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  1. kattidid
    January 14, 2022

    Wow, this is really going to be an amazing place to go!!! Brady, you did a great job on the first blog and I look forward to more!!!!

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